Nick 'M.O.S. Ologist' ZaherNick "M.O.S. Ologist" Zaher is a marketing manager, website designer and graphic designer who got his start at the age of 13 by making a Mos Def fansite. Soon after the launch of the site he started working with Detroit area artists by designing websites and fliers as well as doing digital and street promotion. These artists included the likes of One Be Lo, Slum Village, Binary Star, Funktelligence, Athletic Mic League, DJ Graffiti, eLZhi and many others. While Nick has ventured out from the music industry, he still has ties to and works with several artists that helped him get his start.

Currently he is working with clients ranging from the management and marketing agency A-Side Worldwide, on accounts like Mayer Hawthorne & Echo Valley, to the sneaker boutique and clothing line Burn Rubber. This diverse group of clients has given Nick an opportunity to appeal to multiple markets and test numerous strategies across these markets.

Featured Clients

These are 5 clients that show a small sampling of the work that Nick has done over the years.

A-Side Worldwide

A-Side Worldwide is a Marketing and Management company that provides both Marketing and Management services to their corporate clients and to the music artists they manage. The nature of the music business allows them to be early adopters of new tools and frontrunners in developing innovative marketing techniques for their music artists. Once perfected, they implement these new model methods with their corporate partners.

Currently working as a Marketing Manager for A-Side Worldwide, Nick is responsible for overseeing the social spaces for several of their corporate clients. A few of A-Side's clients that Nick has worked with include Mazda USA, Mazda Canada, Echo Valley, Mayer Hawthorne and Westfield Culver City.

In the past Nick has also worked with their music artists including Mayer Hawthorne, Now On, Athletic Mic League and The Black Opera.

Splink Media

Splink Media was a website that partners brands with world-class Artists and Influencers for creative and easily scalable social media marketing campaigns.

Nick was the Web Design Director at Splink Media and designed the front-end of their website. Along with his design rolls he also applied his social media and marketing expertise in both music and corporate environments.

Burn Rubber

Burn Rubber is a Sneaker Boutique located in Royal Oak, MI. Since Rick Williams and Roland Coit took ownership in 2007, Burn Rubber has become an internationally recognized brand with a reputation for quality products.

Nick was brought on as their Internet Marketing Director only a couple days after their Rick & Roland took ownership. Since then Burn Rubber has become an online powerhouse in the streetwear and sneaker cultures. They currently have over 14,000 Facebook Likes, over 15,000 Twitter followers, over 16,000 Instagram followers and recieve over 1,200 unique visitors daily to their website.

Nick's website design work with Burn Rubber has not only caught the attention of the streetwear and sneaker community but has also been praised by editors from is a website dedicated to the documenting and supporting the burgeoning Michigan Hip Hop scene. Originally founded in 2001 as by Nick, the site was changed to its current URL in 2003.

Since it's creation the site has become the go to place around with world to find the best Hip Hop that Michigan has to offer. While the site is currently on hiatus, it still receives steady traffic acting as a archive.


eLZhi is a rapper out of Detroit, MI that made his international debut on "Come and Get It" from Jay Dee's (J Dilla) debut album, Welcome 2 Detroit. The widespread praise for the track led to Elzhi join the group Slum Village in 2002. The albums that Elzhi recorded as a member of the group – Trinity, Detroit Deli, and Slum Village – have sold more than 600,000 copies.

Nick has worked closely with eLZhi on several projects including "The Preface," "Witness My Growth," "Europass" and "Leftovers." Nick was involved on varying levels for each of these projects. His involvement ranged from marketing and promoting the projects to naming them to designing the artwork to coming up with the track sequence.


Below is a small sampling of some of Nick's design work. If you would like to see more examples please feel free to ask.


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